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watch me do the robot. [entries|friends|calendar]

i'm a steam machine.

ro /♠/ bot /♠/ rock
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Ugghhhhhhhh [18 Nov 2006|11:57pm]
*shakes fist at pile of work*
1 bleep. X bloop.

-....booting....recruting mode activated- [01 Oct 2006|01:09pm]
to be added to Abnertron's Army of non- robotic assassins, simply comment.

-...bootin up...data base... [01 Oct 2006|01:01pm]
I am teh abnertron 1.7


-look up Abnertron's history/background-

Searching for information
info found....

Abnertron is THE Superior fighting, Killing, Coffee/Esspreso machine.
Abnertron fears nothing.
Created in a secret undergound lab at Starbucks, Abnertron was first created to erdicate Local Coffee shops so that Starbucks may seize new customers as soon as the locals were destroyed.

Upon Abnertron's first mission Abnertron discovered that most local coffee shops are supirior to Starbucks and decides not to destroy them.... for now.
Upon Abnertrons return, Abnertron discovered that Starbucks was planning on destroying Abnertron opon completion of Abnertrons mission. Abnertron retaliates by leaving Starbucks for a period of time. Although Abnertron doesnt go far, because Abnertron knows, you keep your friends close, and your enemies closer...
end transmission
1 bleep. X bloop.

-Idle....re-booting...powering up..Full Power, Upgrading...DONE.- [01 Oct 2006|12:30pm]
Welcome to the upgraded Abnertron 1.7 with new karate chop action and less death threats, and less than usefull third person speech mode. All the kinks havent been worked out yet so when using your Abnertron 1.7 be sure to take the approriate safety procedures.

1) Be sure to wear your safety goggles/glasses.
2) Be sure to wear fire proof clothing, Abnertron has a very passionate affection for all things flamable and is not afraid to use his (rarely) handy zippo.
3) Mouth gaurds are not required when handling Abnertron 1.7, though it is reccomended. You never know when a malfunction may accour and Abnertron decides to knock someones teeth out with his Karate chop.
4) NEVER EVER compare Abnertron to a coffee machine. Even though Abnertron does enjoy his Esppreso, Lattes and also happens to have the same parts of a coffee machine in Abnertron, Abnertron is to never be compared to an inferior coffee brewing maching. Doing so will be met with severe retaliation and complete Eradication of your existance.
5) Abnertron enjoys the casual joke and doesnt not mind having a few mindless links on Abnertron LJ but if thins go too far, prepare to be DELETED off Abnertron's LJ.
6) And last but not least, When purchasing your Abnertron, remember, you dont own Abnertron. ABNERTRON PWNS YOU.

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